The writer of the supremely successful trilogy featuring Robert Ludlum’s CIA super-assassin is one of Hollywood’s best, TONY GILROY.

Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton in The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton in The Bourne Legacy

TONY GILROY has now become both the writer and director for the next instalment in the series featuring Robert Ludlum’s spy universe – The Bourne Legacy – this time putting the focus on a new agent Jeremy Renner‘s Aaron Cross.

GILROY, of course, had already made a substantial name for himself as a screenwriter in Hollywood with his work on such films as Dolores Claiborne, Extreme Measures, The Devil’s Advocate and Proof of Life before he landed the job of adapting the adventures of a certain Jason Bourne.

Here he talks incisively to Catherine Shoard of The Guardian, about the life of a writer in tinsel town, the challenges of directing, how things have changed since his brilliant film Michael Clayton, whether Edward Norton’s character in The Bourne Legacy is really a good guy and what links his work together:

Morally indefensible and absolutely essential”