In THE HANGOVER PART III with the return of The Wolf Pack, by the look of it, we’re going to see things get seriously out of control – again.

THE HANGOVER PART III arrives on May 24th and I can’t wait! Because that means The Wolf Pack returns for what’s billed as an epic conclusion to a fantastic trilogy. It also means that we’re going to see things get seriously (and hilariously) out of control once again.

‘It all ends’ says the tagline on the film’s poster and so the final adventures of Phil, Stu and Alan – otherwise known as the brilliant Bradley Cooper, excellent Ed Helms, and masterfully zany Zach Galifianakis – are sure to involve the same kind of crazy mayhem we’ve come to know and love from the other two films in the series.

And add into the mix the reliably devious Mr Chow played so winningly by Ken Jeong, best buddy/ex-missing groom Doug (the fab Justin Bartha), a giraffe (don’t ask) and writer/director Todd Phillips in charge once again and you’ve got… well, the teaser trailer was totally awesome but now it’s now been surpassed by this even more terrific second trailer.

“Ciao. Arrivederci. Papa John’s.”