After the superb Moon, Duncan Jones’ follow up film was always going to be a tough one but he’s pulled it off marvellously with SOURCE CODE.

Michelle Monaghan and Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code

Michelle Monaghan as Christina and Jake Gyllenhaal as Colter Stevens

The new movie from the director of the superb Moon, Duncan Jones, is SOURCE CODE – a Hitchcock / sci-fi meld that makes you think and also really entertains.

Jones proved with Moon that he knows about great actors and following in the footsteps of the mercurial Sam Rockwell in that movie, he’s gathered together a top-flight cast here. I have been a fan of his work since the incredible Donnie Darko and so who else could portray the bright-as-a-button Captain Colter Stevens but the terrifically gifted Jake Gyllenhaal. Then if you need a solid and focused actor to play Rutledge, the scientist behind the ‘SOURCE CODE‘ – a device that allows a person to go back in time for just eight key minutes – you can do no better than Jeffrey Wright.

And I found the real humdinger of a relationship in the film wasn’t between Colter and Christina (though nicely played by Michelle Monaghan) but between Colter and the initially by-the-book but increasingly empathetic Goodwin, played with real subtlety and grace by Vera Farmiga – although never in the same room together, theirs was the strongest connection in the movie for me.

SOURCE CODE is a really intelligent, exciting movie that will certainly reward repeat viewings and so make sure you see it. What’s your next one, Mr Jones?