The new film from Tom Ford, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, looks a thrilling and unmissable drama.

Brace yourself because writer / director Tom Ford’s new film NOCTURNAL ANIMALS looks absolutely brilliant. From the adoring buzz that accompanied its first screening at the recent Venice film festival, to the ‘wow’ that I uttered when I saw its teaser trailer this weekend, get 4th November in your diary as that’s when you can see it in the UK.


Telling two very different stories, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS firstly concerns Amy Adams’ Susan, an art gallery owner who rarely sleeps. When a manuscript arrives, dedicated to her from Jake Gyllenhaal’s Tony, her ex-husband, she starts a troubling journey of re-examination into exactly who she is.

Then, as Susan reads the manuscript we get to see it played out. Tony embodies the role of the father, who is forced to confront his own moral code when the holiday he’s taking with his family suddenly spirals into violence. This leads him into contact with both Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s brutal Ray Marcus and Michael Shannon’s sheriff Bobby Andes.

The teaser trailer that’s just been released, following the movie’s premieres at both Venice and Toronto, is really quite something – disquieting, thrilling stuff from this writer / director (only the second film Ford has made following his 2009 debut A Single Man) with superb actors at the very top of their game.

Amy Adams seems to project a wonderful, dark melancholy as Susan. Jake Gyllenhaal looks as though he’s delivering another spectacularly nuanced performance as Tony. Aaron Taylor-Johnson gives the impression he is much more that just the sociopath we think it Ray is and Michael Shannon shows us once again why he’s one of the most interesting screen actors to watch right now as the concerned sheriff.

Take a look at what I mean…