Prepare to say wow at the trailer for MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, Jeff Nichols’ great looking new sci-fi drama.

Wow is certainly the best word to sum up watching the trailer for MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, the new film from the fantastic writer / director Jeff Nichols. Collaborating for the fourth time with his close friend (and also stellar actor) Michael Shannon, we see the boldest and biggest movie in Nichols’ also pretty stellar career to date.

“You all have no clue what you’re dealing with.” says Sam Shepard, returning after his great supporting turn in Nichols’ last film Mud. In this, it certainly looks as though Adam Driver, who’s on the trail of young Jaeden Liebeher’s gifted Alton, is trying to figure out if the boy is a saviour or a weapon. Alton has magical, supernatural powers you see but rather than playing this idea in a more comic-book style, we’re completely in the realm of what would happen if this occurred in our present day, very real world.

The idea seems similar to Nichols’ masterpiece in his filmography so far – Take Shelter – where Shannon’s Curtis really believed the end of the world was nigh, as his increasingly frightening series of apocalyptic visions became all the more real. From the look of the trailer for MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, I’m already fascinated to find out more about Alton and how he and his father, played by Shannon, go on the run with the ever-excellent Joel Edgerton and the wondrous Kirsten Dunst for company.

“It’s time. You’re ready?”

Take a look…