I love well put together trailers and here are some of the best I’ve seen from both upcoming movies and past films.

In Killing Them Softly, you need to watch your back

A fantastically put together trailer showcases Andrew Dominik's dark, new film.

For Bond and M, it's all about resurrection in Skyfall

Here's the new full-on trailer for Bond 23.

Here's the new man on the run in The Bourne Legacy

Tony Gilroy's new action thriller featuring Jeremy Renner is here.

In The Campaign cast your vote for the best loser because "It's a mess"

It's Ferrell versus Galifianakis! It's a tough choice!

A hero will return for one last time in The Dark Knight Rises

Watch the new devastating trailer for the forthcoming final Batman movie.

The new millennium as seen in Don DeLillo's Cosmopolis

David Cronenberg's film of Don DeLillo's brilliant novel looks a visionary treat.