It’s great when a movie surprises you so these are some of the films I’ve been really glad I stumbled upon.

Much Ado About Nothing? Quite the opposite for Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon's take on Shakespeare is quite a find

When a dream is this terrifying you need to Take Shelter

Jeff Nichols' impressive drama grips you from start to finish

What happens when the music stops in Margin Call

J.C. Chandor's terrific examination of the financial crisis is a must-see

Headhunters is the new game in town

Make sure you catch the gripping Norwegian thriller...

Will Ferrell excels as a man on the brink in Everything Must Go

A Raymond Carver short story is the material for this fab comedy-drama and its lead performance will wow you.

The genius and tragedy of Senna

Asif Kapadia's moving documentary of the Formula One racing driver is unmissable.