From the analysis of major artists and film trends to my annual review of the movies I’ve loved over the previous year, you’ll find it here.

The new everyman is Matt Damon

If you want a superb actor to play an everyman character, you need to look no further.

There are character actors and then there's Peter Sarsgaard

If you want to see great acting, watch this brilliant actor.

The comic/dramatic skills of Steve Carell

Get ready to be wowed by a more serious side from this brilliant actor

The frontrunner for this year's Best Picture Oscar is Argo - the great!

My choice to take home the top prize at this year's Oscars is Ben Affleck's superlative drama.

JSHmoviestuff Review of 2012: "A hero can be anyone"

It's time to read my pick of the best movies from the last 12 months.