What a sweet and funny movie GHOST TOWN is.

I’ve just watched GHOST TOWN again and had to write this post to tell you what a sweet and funny movie I think it is. I always cry like a baby at the end when almost all is resolved but it leaves you at a brilliant point of hope. If you have the DVD then do check out the ‘making of’ as writer / director David Koepp says in it that’s what he wanted to leave the audience with.

Ricky Gervais as Bertram Pincus with his ghosts in Ghost Town

Ricky Gervais as Bertram Pincus with his ghosts

I also love the tagline for the film which is such a clever riff on The Sixth Sense – ‘Bertram Pincus sees dead people. And they annoy him.’ Fab!

It’s got a quirky, jokey script that showcases the three main actors superbly. Playing the initially prickly and socially inept Dr Bertram Pincus (great name) is Ricky Gervais who does the prickly and inept so perfectly but then also brings such a sweetness to the character that you really root for him by the end. There’s the scoundrel husband Frank, played by the always fantastic Greg Kinnear who can’t believe he has to befriend Pincus to help with his situation. And finally, although there’s probably quite a short list of actresses who could bring the newly widowed neighbour Gwen to life, no one could do it quite so winningly as the beautifully talented Tea Leoni does.

GHOST TOWN is really one of those films that makes you feel good about life and how people who you may never think you’d connect with, can surprise you and become someone you cherish.

This is a gem of a movie – make a date to see it now!