It’s almost that time again when the annual awards season reaches the wonderful craziness that is the Oscars and this year for me, it’s ARGO all the way!

Ben Affleck in Argo

Ben Affleck in Argo

We’re now up to the 85th Academy Awards and I, along with quite a few others, think this is a pretty exceptional collection of nominated movies. So who does JSHmoviestuff think will walk away with the coveted ‘Best Picture’? Why ARGO of course!

I’ve heralded Ben Affleck‘s superlative drama as a winner since I was lucky enough to see it in Los Angeles last October, ahead of its November UK release and I gushed about it in my review.

Now, following its success at the Golden Globes, Producers Guild and Directors Guild awards, this terrific movie – and one of my favourites of last year – is the frontrunner to take the big prize on February 24th. Last year, I so wanted The Artist to triumph and that turned out pretty well, so…

Fingers well and truly crossed and I wish it all the “ARGO **** yourself” luck!