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My pitch – I love cinema so here’s my blog JSHmoviestuff that’s all about the movies I think you should see.

I started JSHmoviestuff in 2011 because I love cinema and I thought there should be a blog that praises movies and tells you about the ones you should see – rather than a place that tears down the ones you shouldn’t. The posts you’ll read here are my opinion but I’m hoping I’ll convince you to try a movie you might not have considered watching and then having seen it, possibly admire it as much as I do.

On the site, you’ll see the categories by which I classify the movies I recommend – from New Reels where you’ll read about the films just out that are worth catching, to the ones that occupy a special place in my heart and that are just pure Gems to those I return to again and again, the all-time Classics; you’ll find a place to watch eye-catching Trailers, see the movies or people making them you should focus on in Spotlight, stumble on a film that you might have missed in Discoveries, as well as a more editorial area that covers what’s happening in the world of film that also contains my yearly round-up of the best feature films I’ve seen, in Commentary – for all of these simply head over to the Home page and you can get reading.

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And you can also read about the movies coming to a cinema near you in the next couple of months, that I think will be ones to see in On the slate.

Juggling my blog with a full-time job is no easy task, so the posts may be not appear every day or even every week but when they do, I hope you think they’re worth reading.

You’re also invited to cast your critical thoughts back at me, on these movies I review, promote, re-examine and celebrate – tell me what you think by leaving a comment and let’s get debating on the movies that are out there. So join the JSHmoviestuff crew by entering your email address to subscribe – you’ll then receive the latest posts hot off the press and be following one very cool film blog.

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